Not doing so well with the upkeep!

Geeze, just realized today that I am already lagging behind in keeping up with a blog.  I think I just get my self going on too many things at once, and keep thinking, I’ll post tomorrow, and “don’t”.  I have been busy working on planning for QwM, as well as STILL working on the raffle quilt I mentioned in a previous post.  This raffle quilt has really stressed me out —- I want it to be super nice to bring in $ for the event, but —- I don’t want to go overboard, and not want to give it away, ya know?  So I have been stressing on finding a happy medium as I work.  It should be done in another day or so, and I hope to present it to the group at our next OLAQ meeting this Sat. (boy I hope they like it).

 I did get some great news yesterday evening — I received an email from the Road 2 CA Quilt Show that my wholecloth “Grandma’s Clock” won 1st place in the Innovative Wall Other Catagory.  Wow, I am really surprised with this quilt, it is really doing well at the shows.  I should probably tell you that although I have been making quilts for shows for quite a few years now, I normally only make one  or two a year just to enter at the machine quilting show, MQS (by the way if you go to their site, under 2007 winners, you can see a picture of “Grandma’s Clock”, it got 2nd place in Wholecloth), but anyway, I normally make a quilt, send it to that show, and then it gets folded up and put away.  Last year I decided that if my quilt did ok at that show, I would try to enter some big national shows — and so I did, and have been quite happy with how well my little quilt has done.  It has already (including R to CA) won 3 ribbons.  I also am having this quilt appraised while it is at the show, this too is something I’ve never done, so I’ll be interested what value is put on it (you know I just always put $500 as the value for any of my quilts, probably not the best plan, but you know how that goes?!).

 OK, enough rambling, I have to get back to doing some more micro stippling on the raffle quilt.  But, before I go, I want to share a pic of the Christmas present my sister made me this year (she and my nephew were actually able to come home this year for the holiday, which is a great present in itself, as we don’t get to see them very often).  But I wanted to show everyone.  I wore this the other day to a meeting Nik, and got tons of great comments on it!!

Necklace from Nikki

Hopefully I’ll have pics of the Raffle Quilt to share soon!



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