Kicking myself in the (you know what)!

So the other day on the way to the store, they were doing some road work and I was sent on a detour.  Along this unfamiliar route I passed a big old house for sale — hmmm, I need to see how much that baby is.  I have to say that I am NOT in the market for a house.  I really love our house, but —- this is something I would be willing to sell my current house and move to.  So anyway, I look it up on the internet, wow, that is a great price (must need work).  I made an appointment, and we went to have a look yesterday.  Turned out the realty woman got tied up, and we got to go check it out on our own (even better, so we could “really” check it out with out her following us around).  So anyway, it is great!  It does need work, although it is mainly cosmetic stuff, nothing too major (DH is a contractor).  It is probably 3 times the square footage of our current house, and has remained totally unmolested through the years — still has all of the original woodwork, mantels, pocketdoors (we couldn’t believe the woodwork hadn’t been painted at some point).  So home we go, alot to think about —- give the realtor a call, and of course, just my luck, it is a forclosure —- so the wait till you sell your house plan is not an option (which was also our only option).  So, this just has me kicking myself today, and mad at myself for even going to look.  Here are a couple of pics of that “so close, yet so far away” dream house project. 






2 thoughts on “Kicking myself in the (you know what)!

  1. Jodi – when we moved back to Texas, we almost bought an old home much like this. Absolutely beautiful – the moldings, fireplaces, etc. At the last minute, we decided not to. I still think about that house, and would like to see it again. BTW – I love, love, love the raffle quilt!

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