Zeke’s Little Brother “Junior”

A while back we decided that we would get our dog Zeke a little brother so he would have another dog to play with.  So we started our search for another doberman puppie, but didn’t have any luck.  We have always just bought our dog’s, never adopted one from a local humane society, etc.  I read on Suzanne Earley’s  blog that she had recently adopted a dog,  so I thought I would check into that on the internet (this was something I previously hadn’t thought of).  We found a couple of pups at a local doberman rescue, but they were always gone before we got through the “process” with them (you had to have a home visit, application, etc.).  We also had been considering getting some sort of hound dog, as we had a really hard time finding a vet who did ear cropping when we got Zeke.  So after checking http://www.petfinder.com for a couple of weeks, I found a hound mix at the Animal Protective Leage about 2 hours from us.  Yesterday was DH’s birthday, so Josh (DS) and I drove up and brought the little guy home for a suprise B-Day present for DH.  It was great, he had NO IDEA we would do something like that.  We decided before we even found a puppy that his name would be “Junior”, and gee, it is pretty fitting for a big old hound dog.  Junior has only been here for about 24 hours, and Zeke is still not real sure about him, but he’s slowly coming around.  Here are a few pics of Junior.  And one of the two of them together.  I was hoping that a puppy would get our 5 year old couch potato a little more active, but as you can see in the picture of them together, I think I might just have two of them now <G>.

dogs-004.jpg  dogs-007.jpg

 dogs-009.jpg  dogs-012.jpg


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