Finally Recovered from the MQS Trip

Okay, so it’s been almost two weeks since I got home from MQS, but geeze, I’m still not totally caught up with every thing.  My dear family is not the greatest at keeping things cleaned up while I’m away, so the first couple of days back are for cleaning (yippee!).  Then of course there are is unpacking, and  the laundry that comes with that.  Not to mention filling book orders that have come in while I was gone (and of course I’m now out of books after the show).  Oh, and then of course there are the customer quilts that are waiting (especially that one that was on the front porch the day I got home, with a note inside saying that she needed it by JUNE 1ST!!!!!!!). 

Even with all that I have to do when I get home, I still love going.  Although —- I usually don’t stay as long as I did this year, and by Fri., I was ready to go home.  I had a great time as always, and got to visit with both old and new friends that I only see a few times a year.  My classes went really well, even though I was a little nervous about doing my new Wholecloth Class.  I wanted to share how I design my wholecloths, but was a little worried as to wether or not I could relay to my students how exactly I think about, and design them.  But, I think it went well (the critiques said so anyway <G>), and almost everyone went home with a fully marked Wholecloth ready for stitching.  I can’t wait to see what they create!! 

Oh, and I was also very suprised to receive a third place ribbon for “Amish Electrified”, it is the raffle quilt that I made for our Long Arm Guild (Ohio LongArm Quilters).  To be honest, I never thought it would get a ribbon, and wasn’t even paying attention during the awards ceremony when they did that catagory. 

The quilts in the show this year were AMAZING, I can’t wait to see what everyone does next year.  It’s hard to believe they can get any better — but I KNOW they will.  I didn’t buy  much, just some trims for couching, some new paints, a few threads I want to try, a few marking templates from Quiters Rule to play with, and some gorgeous hand dyed velvets. When I got home and unpacked my purchases, it was obvious that the color theme for what I bought this year was black and copper so maybe next year I’ll make something in those colors.

As for my new wholecloth, I was really bummed that I didn’t actually get it completed before sending it to MQS.  It was there, and all of the stitching complete, but went minus it’s finishing touches (which were major elements of the design).  I had planned to paint some areas of the quilting, but quickly realized there was NO WAY that was going to happen in the amount of time I had.  And because my order got screwed up, none of the embellishments I ordered came before I had to send it either (perhaps next time I’ll plan better, but — probably not).  But, that’s ok —- because when I finally finish it, it will be like a totally different quilt <BG>.  I’ll post a pick of how it looked when I sent it in.  And very shortly (I’m in the painting stage now) I’ll post the after pic of how I intended it to be.  





2 thoughts on “Finally Recovered from the MQS Trip

  1. Jodi, I think this quilt looks beautiful just the way it is. I can’t imagine what it will look like when you’ve added your special touches.

  2. Thanks Carie — hopefully it will come out the way I hope. The painting is a s-l-o-w-e-r process than I thought it would be .

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