Such a Pack Rat!

My son is such a pack rat, but only of OLD stuff.  He loves any old fashioned stuff in general (because he’s saving it from being thrown away).  Yesterday I heard him pull in and then yell for me to come out and see what he found (what now, I ask myself <G>).

This wonderful old 1957 turntable ?!  He told me he just couldn’t pass it up (sitting out in someones yard with a “free” sign on it).  And besides, it IS the same year as his car (behind it in the pic).  He spend a couple of hours cleaning it, and it looks and works just like new.  His love for the old extends even to his vehicles —- as you can see from the picture of his daily driver below:

He hates that he has to use my Honda to commute to college, he says that it is not a “real” car.  But he uses it of course (since the gas is free in it <BG>).  I do get irritated with him bringing all of this “wonderful” stuff home, and then having to find somewhere to keep it, but it is pretty neat that he has an appreciation for it. I just hope when he gets his own place, it is a big one so he can house his “collection”.




One thought on “Such a Pack Rat!

  1. This is quite amusing for me! My oldest son has a ’77 Chevy C10 pickup and a ’79 Chevy Nova SS. He thinks that “old stuff” is definitely “sick”, which is a good thing! LOL!

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