Finally, “As Usual” is DONE!!!

I finally finished my wholecloth “As Usual” today.  My Gosh, it took me longer to do the painting than it did to mark, quilt, and bind it.  I am SO glad to have this done!  And …. I am really pleased with how it looks now that it is finally what I had envisioned.  I used Shiva Iridescent paint sticks to do the painting.  I used stencil brushes, rather than straight from the stick (I think it goes on way to thick and gloppy that way).  So anyway, here are some pics, I can’t believe how “plain” it looked before.


Turns out I have yet another quilt that is nearly impossible to get a picture of that shows the true colors.  I guess because the paint is metallic, the flash is making the colors even brighter than they really are.  The photo below is without a flash, and it makes the colors darker than they really are.

Sooo, the actual coloration is somewhere between the two <G>. 



6 thoughts on “Finally, “As Usual” is DONE!!!

  1. Jodi, wonderful wholecloth and I especially love the before and after using the shiva sticks! Very inspiring!

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