Wow, It has been a very, very long time since I have added anything new here!!!

It looks like rather than trying to do one post as to what I have been up to for MONTHS!?!?!, it will be easier to go back and work my way up till present with smaller postings LOL!

So —- Hmmm, this may be harder than I thought, to even remember what I did.  As one of the planners for Quilting with Machines I was really busy in the months leading up to the event at the end of Oct.08′.  I spent alot of time dying fabric, as I wanted to have enough to take and sell at vendors day during the event.  My MIL came one of the days that I did some  dying, as she wanted to dye a large piece of hand-dyed green fabric for a wholecloth.  While she was here she took the following pics —


I have to tell you that by the end of this day, my MIL decided that dying fabric is just WAY too much work as far as she is concerned – LOL.  And — she didn’t even like the way her huge piece of wide fabric came out.  But — she just (in the past few days) has finished the wholecloth using the fabric she dyed that day, and I think she now likes it <G>.  I’ll have her send me a pic of it so I can post it here — it came out great!


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