Challenge Quilts

Another thing I was working on leading up to Quilting with Machines was to finish up my challenge quilt for the “Quilt As Desired” quilt display.  Anyone who registered for the event could purchase a kit to make their challenge quilt (they are all identical) and then quilt it any way they liked.  They are then displayed at the event and attendees can vote for viewers choice, and this year there were teachers choice ribbons too.  I really had a hard time deciding how to quilt mine —- this block  had me drawing a blank!  I ended up just quilted it with a design very similar to something I had done a few years ago.





Since I found these next pictures while I was looking for the pics of this years challenge quilt, I may as well show last years too!  I really liked this one that I did for the 2007 event.  If you want, you can list your challenge piece for sale, and so I did last year, and was shocked to have mine bought right away, I truly didn’t think anyone would buy it.



Since I had been dying so much fabric, I decided that I wanted to do something to thank some of the OLAQ members who volunteered for various jobs to make QwM a success — I decided to dye silk scarves, and wow did they look awesome hanging out to dry!!




I was really happy with how they came out, and the girls all seemed to like them.


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