The last of the Fabric Pics

I came across these  photos of some other fabrics I dyed in my photo folder, so this should be the last of them —- until it gets warm again anyway.

I bought a bolt of the new cotton/silk blend PFD fabric, and played around a little with it.


The fabric is 55% cotton and 45% silk.  The thing that I found interesting, was how differently the front and back of the fabric accepted the color.  The colors look nothing alike on the front/back of the same piece, as you can see below.


I decided to play around with this fabric a little to see what I would use it for, and decided that it really isn’t ideal for piecing as it is fairly slippery which makes it difficult to both cut, and sew.  But —- it is AWESOME for applique!!!!  I started this little wallhanging to try it out, and I love it!  I just finished it up over my Chrismas Break, and hope to get it quilting soon.


A couple of other things I wanted to play with and have for sale at QwM were some rust/overdyed fabrics, which are pretty cool, but ALOT of work, with being more than one process—–and definately NOT something I want to do for re-sale.


And some bleach discharged/overdyed fabric.  This is also alot of work, but absolutely gorgeous!!  And I plan to keep all of this for myself <G>!


And last but not least, I had all of my fabrics dyed, cut, priced, and was really pleased to sell quite a bit of it at the show.  I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how I would display the large pieces (which was the majority of the fabrics).  I ended up purchasing a clothes rack at WalMart, and some curtain rings with clips.  It worked out really nice, as you can just slide them and pull each piece out to see the whole thing.  I have a bit of a problem with things when they are not all nice and neatly organized, so I was having nightmares about the thought of just having them folded on a table, with a bunch of people opening them up and then not folding them back up “right” — LOL!!!  Jan (one of the photographers for the event) sent these pics from vendors day at QwM — thanks Jan!





3 thoughts on “The last of the Fabric Pics

  1. You are right, those silk/cotton blends are beautiful in the applique! Did you use the same process as if they were all cotton or did you ahve to add/change steps?
    I don’t blame you about the others – I’d keep them too! They are lovely!

  2. Vicki,
    I used the Sharon Schamber applique method — where you use the glue stick and thick interfacing. And didn’t do anything different than if it were cotton. You can even iron it on the cotton setting.


  3. I just bought a bolt of that cotton/silk blend. After seeing how pretty yours dyed up I can’t wait to play with them.

    It certainly looks gorgeous as applique on that black!

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