May was a blur, lol!

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly, the month of May slipped away from me, lol.  We had plans to go away over Memorial Day weekend, so I had to work my butt off to get all of my customer quilts done, so that I could go away and just relax (well, not really relax <G>), and not think about all of the work I had to do at home.  I finished a bunch of quilts, below is one of the ones I actually thought to take a picture of.


This was the first time in 8 years or so, that I didn’t submit classes to teach at the MQS (Machine Quilters Showcase), it was really strange to actually be home for Mothers Day (I normally would leave that day to go teach).  I decided not to go this year, and take that time to work on getting my new books, and classess/samples done, so I will have all new material for teaching at the shows next year.  It is sooo hard  when you have ideas for classes & books, but with teaching, you just simply can’t find the time to work on the new material.  You can probably guess where this is going —— LOL!!!  I worked a “little” on that, but then I got obsessed with something else.  I have been wanting to do some piecing patterns for a very long time, and while going through the stuff for my new books, I came across some drawings I had done for a bunch of quilts I designed, and of course, never made.  I am happy to say that I now have 5 of those pieced, and 2 quilted.  I hope to have the patterns ready soon.  I have really fallen in love with the whole Modern Quilting Movement —- and oddly, the quilts I designed are going to fit right in now, lol.  I have always loved making quilts with solid (or those that read as solid) fabrics.  I used to think that it was because I am a longarm quilter, and we like our work to SHOW, but I’ve recently realized that isn’t it for me.  What I love about making a quilt are the colors, and shapes and how they work together, I need for them to have a graphic punch.   Heres a peek at the one I am working on binding right now.

And as I mentioned before, our vacation wasn’t really a relaxing type of thing, more the having FUN kind.  I got a quad a few years ago— an older, cheapy, as I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.  But wow, I do, it is such a nice escape, and an excuse to go out and not have to get all fixed up, and get muddy and dirty, while you are at it, lol.  The original quad I got,  bit the dust last year, so I got this at the end of last summer —-

I only got to ride it once last year, so our trip over Memorial Day weekend was the real test.  We went to the Hatfield & McCoy Trails in Beautiful southern West Virginia.  We went with our quad riding friends Nancy (who is also a longarm quilter) & Tim.  The weather was beautiful —  it was really hot, but you really don’t notice  it so much because you are in the woods most of the time.

We had a great time, and hope to make it back down there again before the end of summer!

Well, guess  I better get back to work!!!


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