My Pantos in use!

I have the most amazing friends (who also happen to be longarm quilters)!  They were nice enough to share photos with me of quilts that they have used some of my pantos on.  My pantograph patterns are available at : Digitech Patterns

The first one is Dancing Wedges:

Modern Wedges Pantograph

This first quilt was done by Janice, she finishes more quilts than anyone I know, lol.  You can visit her blog at:

JaniceDancingWedges2 JaniceDancingWedges

Nancy made this green and white quilt for one of her grandchildren (I love the color combo!)


The next quilts are done with my Modern Ripple Pantograph:

Modern Ripple Pantograph

First up was another quilt done by Janice, I love the texture of this one!

Janice Modern Ripple

And another quilt made by Nancy for one of her grandchildren.  I love how it looks with the pattern oriented across the stripes vertically, rather that having it oriented horizontally with the stripes.


I also want to mention, that both of Nancy’s quilts (the purple/white and green/white ones) were made using an AWESOME tutorial for the Firefly Quilt found at Canoe Ridge Creations.  Here is a link right to the tutorial .  I sooo love this quilt pattern!  So much so, that I made one too.  My son wanted a smallish quilt for on his couch, but wanted it to coordinate with a room divider curtain he has, so I replaced one of the solid stripes on the bottom of mine, with the same fabric that is in his curtain.


And of course he needed a coordinating pillow too!


This pillow was also made for another purpose —- and I’ll share that with you tomorrow 😉   Now …. back to work getting ready for my classes at the Machine Quilters Showcase .


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