Computer Skills, lol …..

Wow, I am so seriously in need of some computer skills!  Now that I have finished my new Modern Simplicity book, I have been trying to figure out how on earth you add a paypal button so people can order online.  After looking at numerous youtube videos, and doing searches in the help section, I finally, after 3 hours (yes, I said 3), figured out how to add a paypal button to purchase the book.  I mean really, everyone I talked to told me how easy it was, NOT!!!  I just absolutely suck at computer stuff.  So anyway, at least it is finally done, so if you are interested in purchasing the new book, you can now do that on the “New Modern Simplicity Book” page up there under the blog header.

I have been keeping extremely busy trying to get caught up on customer quilts after being away teaching at the Machine Quilters Showcase.  MQS was really nice this year, except for the fact that my boxes of class supplies didn’t show up until the last day I was there, lol.  I was so happy that the two Modern Simplicity classes based on my new book went really well, and I received great comments from the students.

Because I have been so busy trying to get caught up on quilts, I forgot to take pics of most of them. Below are a couple of the quilts I’ve done over the past few weeks (that I remembered to get pics of, lol).

This is Marian’s wallhanging, I did some Less Stress Feathers on it:


This is Barb’s Quilt — I love the fabrics and colors she used! I used some designs from my new book on this one.


I also wanted to share a couple of photos sent to me by people who have used some of the new modern designs on their quilts.

First up is Vicki’s table runner ….. I soooo love this!  You can read more about it on Vicki’s blog


This one is from Janice, she used one of the Modern Simplicity designs in a quilt border ………….. COOL!

Jodis border treatment

I have a couple of projects I’ve been working on for myself, that I will share with you in coming posts.  One of which is a quilt I’m making for myself (well, actually for my DS), and I thought it might be fun to share pics of the process of making it from start to finish.  So watch for that in the coming week.

Now, it’s back to the machine for me!



One thought on “Computer Skills, lol …..

  1. I just saw Bona’s post on the Quiltropolis list about your new book and came over to check it out and saw my table runner! I am honored that you posted it!! Congrats on another book coming out!

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