Chopsticks – Quiltcon or Bust! … The story


I posted a picture of this quilt on facebook yesterday, and wanted to give you the full story of this quilt, as “I” can’t take all the credit for it:).  So…. ever since the first Quiltcon show in 2013, myself and two of my best friends (and fellow longarm quilters) Nancy Gano and Eva Birch, decided that we had to make it to the 2015 Quiltcon show.  So, this past year, as information on the show became available, we discussed it, and went back and forth about how none of us could really justify paying for the trip “just to go”. So, back in July, we found ourselves at our annual quilt retreat, still trying to figure out how we could go to the show.  So, I made a suggestion … what if we worked together on a quilt, tried entering it in some shows, and maybe, just maybe we would win, and use the prize money to help pay for the trip ……….. I know, a long shot, but, really, what could it hurt to try right?!?!.  OK, so none of us has any spare time with quilting for others, etc., but, if each one of us only had to do “part” of the quilt, and we kept it fairly small, we thought we could make it happen.  So, we remembered that Nancy had this gorgeous quilt that she had designed and pieced (and had been trying to talk one of us into quilting for her for quite some time).  I LOVED this quilt top.  Years ago, I had been hand dying a lot of fabric, and of course, after washing and trimming, I had a big bag of cut offs from the edges that I had saved, I just couldn’t throw them away. When I cleaned up my quilting room one time, I realized that I was not ever going to do anything with these scraps, soooo, I asked if anyone wanted them …. and yes, Nancy took them.  She later came to a meeting and showed us this amazing quilt top she had designed and improvisationally paper pieced with those hand dyed scraps… and her choice of the deep plum color that she set them with was stunning!  She had named it “Chopsticks”.  So it was decided we would quilt Chopsticks, and this would be the quilt we work together on.  We all met shortly after the retreat to come up with a quilting plan, and timeline to get this thing done in time to enter it in the MQX Midwest show  (since we would be there to see it hanging).  Nancy had already done here part, she pieced it, and beautifully, I might add.  So Eva took the quilt first, and did all of the SID and linework, which she is VERY good at, and when she was done, the quilt was basically quilted, so it didn’t need to be basted or anything, she took it off the machine, and brought it to me.


I added the background quilting.  Nancy wanted what she calls the “Circle Pops” for the fill, and so that’s what I did.  It was soooo cool to get to create something with these girls, we work great as a team, and it was the BEST, not having to do ALL of the work:)!  There was only one hiccup in the whole process, and that was that we initially had added some other elements in the background area, but, when I was done with the fill, and hung it up and looked at it, all I could see were those open areas we decided to leave in the background.  I really couldn’t see past them, to me, the piecing was so, clean and crisp, that it just needed one solid fill behind it, and nothing distracting from the piecing design, so yes, a little ripping on my end was involved, and more filler (it was nothing too terrible, lol).  So, we got it bound, sleeve, and label on just in time to ship of to the MQX Midwest show. We had already entered the quilt in the show, unquilted. Nancy and Eva were a little concerned about doing this, but, I assured them, that this is better, because now we CAN”T procrastinate, and we WILL get it done (I personally work best this way, lol).  The only bad thing about being in such a rush, is that we didn’t have the time to properly block the quilt, but, we know it needs done, and will take care of that before it gets sent to any other shows.  When we entered the quilt, we changed the quilt name to reflect the story of the quilt “Chopsticks – Quiltcon of Bust!”.  This was the first time Nancy had ever entered a quilt for show, so it was awesome that it received a Faculty Ribbon from Linda Poole!  And, we were able to get a pic of us with the quilt.

Nancy with her quilt:


The three of us:


Congratulations were also in order for Eva, for her 1st place win at MQX for a quilt she quilted for one of her customers


And so….we very quickly realized that, we are probably not going to win a bunch of prize money to help pay for the trip, lol, but, it turned out to be very rewarding.  We have entered the quilt in a few other show, and in the mean time have booked our trip to Quiltcon …. so, if we happen to win a couple of bucks towards going, it will be great, but if not, we will still be going to the show, lol.  We are hoping it gets accepted to the Quiltcon show, so that we can see it hanging there in person:)!!!!

4 thoughts on “Chopsticks – Quiltcon or Bust! … The story

  1. Three very amazing friends I am proud to know. You all did stellar work and you deserve a great big win. Even if it doesn’t happen, it is so cool you can collaborate so well on something so personal. Well done, people, well done!

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