Grandpa’s Model Twenty #2 ….decisions

As I get ready to start making my new quilt “Grandpa’s Model Twenty #2, I realized I never shared pics, etc. of #1 here.  Luckily, I did actually take some in process pics.  It all started when I saw a pic of a cool retro stereo system online(it is called a Model 20), and realized it was the same one my Grandpa had, so I saved the picture (I mean this thing is so cool, you can hook it all together into one unit, or arrange them separately).


I mean, they had that thing as long as I can remember (and it really was, as the date on the next picture is 1969, lol).  Then, not long after, I was looking through old photos, and came across this picture of me standing by what else, but THAT stereo.

jodistereo 001

So, I started thinking about how I could create a quilt using this stereo somehow, to honor my Grandpa.  He was an incredibly talented industrial designer.  So, I started to draw up some ideas, and this was what I started with.


I decided that I wanted to stack the shapes up, rather than side by side as they are shown/used.  The actual design did change as I made the quilt, as I came across some obstacles along the way, that had to be addressed.  The actual blocks, were pieced and appliqued, but the biggest problem was figuring out how to get the pieced center section to meet up with the top and bottom white applique shapes.  I ended up doing it two times, before I could get it to work.  The following pics are of the piecing.



Next up was the quilting, that too was a real chore.  As you can see, it is mostly straight lines, which was not easy without a stitch regulator.  Not that you can’t do it, as I have for as long as I’ve been longarm quilting (almost 20 years).  It’s just that this amount of it, without the ability to just pause and re position a ruler is not fun.  So for the most part, the lines are done without a ruler.



And this is the quilt after washing and blocking.



I LOVE this quilt soooo much.  I really think this is my favorite quilt ever.  And this past year I realized why.  So, back in July of last year, I went to Denver and filmed an online quilting class for (you can check it out here if you are interested), and part of the filming was an interview;  in that interview, they asked me about this particular quilt, and the story behind it.  As I talked about how and why I made it, and that it was made to honor my grandpa, it was all I could do, to not start crying …it was so strange to me, as I would not consider myself an overly emotional person, and certainly never felt this way about a quilt before.  So afterwards as I thought about that feeling, I realized that I had really never made a quilt before that I had a true “connection” with like this one.  And I think as “corny” as it may sound, I think I have to attribute part of it to my discovery of the Modern Quilting.  I mean seriously, I love everything about it, the interaction of colors/shapes/etc.  I finally found the quilts that I always wanted to make, and honestly, have had my passion for quilting reignited.

If I think back to this quilt

Grandmas Clock 2007

I made this quilt back in 2007, it is called “Grandma’s Clock”, and was made in remembrance of my grandma.  While I loved the quilt, I realize now, that I really didn’t have a connection with this.  I mean, the biggest thing about it, was that it was created based on a the cool ball clock that hung in their living room (again, for as long as I can remember, and now hanging in my son’s apartment).  But, other than the fact that it has the things going out from the center, I actually had to change the whole design so much, that it doesn’t really represent the clock at all, but, I did that, as that was what it needed to look like as a typical wholecloth I guess … you know, the medallion type thing in the center, something out into the corners, and dense backfills to fill the background.  It really was just like I went through the motions of creating the wholecloth.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the quilt, and it actually did very well in shows (even ribboned in Paducah).  But, I have made a decision … I will be making a new version of this quilt, one that truly honors my grandma, and that I will have a TRUE connection with.  But, for now, that will have to wait, lol, as I have one more quilt that I want to make this year (well actually in the next month) called Grandpa’s Model Twenty #2, and I have to make some decisions so I can get started in the next couple of days.

So when I made the first one, I was having a hard time choosing my color palette, but ultimately went with the light green/white/dark grey combo.  I knew that I would just use the other color combo to make #2.  Below is the color combo I had planned on using:


But in the last couple of months as I’ve been thinking about it, I have fallen in love with a color, a light turquoise/blue (and it is shocking to me, as I am generally not a “blue” person, and certainly not a “pastel” person either, but … I am going for it, lol.  I also, have been doing some sketching for the final design, and have decided to use just one of the shapes, but SUPER sized.  As I revise the drawings, it somehow has a really space age feel to me this time???  And kind of makes me think of this chair, not sure why, but it does.


And I feel like I need to bring silver into it, instead of going with just gray.  So, I think the best way to do this is by using dupioni silk, because it is shiny and gives the feel to me of aluminum.  Ok, so then I started thinking …. I haven’t really seen silk used in alot of modern quilts, does it go???, but then I thought, hey, you know what?, I don’t really care if it goes or not, it is what I want to use, and I’m going with it 🙂 .  I spent a lot of years making things to look like what I thought people wanted to see, and now I plan to make what I want to see, lol.

So here is the color combo I’ve decided on



So, I better get to work …. I will try to take plenty of pictures, and share my process here.

10 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Model Twenty #2 ….decisions

  1. You are cutting edge. Trust your instincts. i am seeing something come from you that is truly astonishing in an artistic sense. I have always admired your artistic ability towards quilting. Your creative mind has been something I have always wanted to see inside of. I think now I am getting to see inside your mind. You have found the endorphin rush: rush on.

  2. Jodi, you could look at a 1940’s washing machine and come up with an eclectic, modern twist for a quilt… I embrace your thought process and the story telling that attached to each work of art that you create. Where the past memories and today’s artistry collide!

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